Acoustics & Audio Systems Diagnostics

We address objectively your existing system, test it, analyze your requirements and propose a solution.

We use Meyer Sound SIM3 & Smaart Live for systems measurement & analysis.

1. Sound Systems Frequency Response Test

2. Sound Systems Dynamic Response Test

3. Room Reverberation Test

4. Speech Intelligibility Test

5. We will observe your events to analyze how your system is  used.

and more...

Acoustics Test, Simulation & Design

Our acoustics analysis & design looks into your venue's current & future usage. We take into account your sound system and stage performances (if applicable) in our solutions.

We use AFMG EASE, AURA & EARS  for all acoustics simulations and predictions.

We use Meyer Sound MappOnline for our systems design.

Sound Systems Engineering Courses

Nothing compares to proper training, learning and exposure to the correct techniques. Our graduates are proof. Many are successful technicians, engineers and entrepreneurs in the Malaysian audio industry.

Our small class size ensures focused individual time for each trainees.

Contact us if you or your organization requires customized training.


Our training  is approved by HRDF, employers are eligible to claim under the SBL Scheme.

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